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About parent company Triplo M’s S.A.

QMS International S.A. is currently 100% owned by Triplo M’s S.A., which was established in 2020 by Japanese founders. Triplo M’s S.A. is offering mainly consultation, marketing, business strategy for following business area, thanks to their strong worldwide connections.
  • Biotechnology/Food/Pharmaceutical/Agrochemicals area
    • Fermentation project (R&D, Production)
    • Supplements, food additives
    • Supply and value chain creation
  • IT industry
    • Peppol Certified Access Point
    • Application development based on industrial blockchain
    • Device assembly
  • Marketing/Advisory
    • Post-quantum cryptography
    • Wine, Olive oil, Food processing machine
    • Medical device
  • Other consumer goods
    • Japanese traditional ornaments (Mizuhiki : Instagram Sunforeverybody )
    • Clothes and fashion products

Peppol Member/Certified Access Point

Peppolの画像 Peppolの画像 Peppolの画像 Peppolの画像