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QMS International S.A.

Atsuya Sugawaradirector / Atsuya Sugawara
QMS International S.A. is collaborating with different partners to offer more interoperability on various applications, using industrial blockchain. To make our rapid digitalization life more secure and efficient, we also promote post-quantum cryptography approach.
QMS International S.A is currently 100% owned by Triplo M’s S.A.

Company Profile

  • Company Name
    QMS International S.A.
  • Representative
    Atsuya Sugawara
  • Contact
  • Home page
  • Address

    Via Lugano 13, 6982, Agno, Switzerland
  • Established
    Jul / 2021
  • Capital
    CHF100,000 (fully paid)
  • Main banks
    Credit Suisse S.A.
  • Business description
    Development and sales of IT products.