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2024.6.1 sat

#1 OpenPeppol Conference in Brussels

On 29th and 30th of May 2024, the first time ever OpenPeppol Conference took place in Brussels, Belgium.  During the two days of the event, many experts on the stage gave updates about the status of e-invoicing and e-reporting around the world.

 Our digital tool was referred in the presentation of Japan Peppol Authority, as a potential approach to digitalize Japanese SMEs.

The presentation conveyed the importance of combining e-invoicing with different applications, such as an anti-falsification certificate based on blockchain technology, to offer more ‘happiness’ to users.  Such combination of digital tools gives new values, naturally emphasizing that Peppol is more than e-invoicing and back-office efficiency, both to sellers and to buyers.

It was nice to hear positive feedback from the audience, which was composed of international actors mainly in the field of e-invoicing and european regulators.

Special thanks to the organizer of the event for giving us such a marvelous opportunity.