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2024.5.13 mon

(Owase/JAPAN) Local economy powered by QMS-TRACE (Peppol Inside)

On 7th May 2024 in Owase (Japan), QMS International took a part in a smart-food pilot program, together with partner companies and the Japan Digital Agency. The objective of it was to involve several actors of the supply chain of local brand fish, in tracking the status of the product in its various stages.

In the first part of the trial, we went on a fishing boat to collect fishes from the breeding area to take them to the shore.

Then, the fishes were processed in the local food processing plant where their quality has been tested, while registering all the information provided by operators onto QMS-TRACE.

Some pieces of the lot have been shipped to a renewed restaurant in Tokyo where they have been cooked and served to customers, which could verify the quality of the product by simply scanning a QR code.

After that, a digital invoice has been issued to the receiving restaurant thanks to the seamless integration of the platform with Peppol. The invoice is based on JP PINT, which Japan Digital Agency is promoting.

Local TV journalists held interviews to all the various stakeholders involved in the project. Each of us expressed the passion to show a good practice to use ‘add-on’ based digital tool for food safety and business efficiency, which strengthen a local economy with good branding.  We would like to thank everyone at Owase Bussan and TT&Smile Co., Ltd. for their corporation.