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2024.4.18 thu

Opinion Exchange : TRElab (Universita degli studi ROMA TRE)

On 17th April 2024, we had an opportunity to visit TRElab (Transport REsearch LAB ) of Rome Tre University for opinion exchange, hosted by Director Marcucci, Director Gatta and Mr.Erriu. This visit was organized by a suggestion from Mr.Erriu, who was interested in the various traceability activities which QMS International is working on.

TRElab has many projects at EU/Italian/local level and collaborates with companies and associations.  QMS International has begun trials with Sorrento and Japanese companies.  The goal of both parties is the same, therefore, we agreed to explore the possibility of value-added and more meaningful pilot projects through collaboration with international visibility.

By starting to realize good traceability, which is needed in various situations, through easy-to-use app such as our QMS-TRACE, we will increase interoperability between different systems, applications and companies, which brings more value and sustainability to our society.  We agreed that an approach that connects two points (A and Z) first, then completes the whole projects, since inviting all the stakeholders and intermediaries is quite important. 

Stay tuned for our future collaboration!