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2024.3.10 sun

Digital X Tradition - Ichinokura's challenge

On 8th March 2024 in Rome (Italy), Ichinokura used our QMS-TRACE during an international reception ceremony.  Their stand had only 2 types of Sake and QR Codes, which represented their commitment to digital x tradition, to fill the gap between age old practices and modern technological advancements.

Most of the participants stopped by their booth for try, both Sake taste and information given by scanning the QR code.

2 QRs were available, one is to show the certificate of origin (the tasting Sake really produced by Ichinokura, Ichinokura's president gave a special message to this particular party!) and the other is to show the traceability (lot number, quantity and other data taken in their factory). Those QRs conveyed to the participants that Ichinokura’s pride and tradition of Sake production with quality being delivered from Sendai, Japan.

The data on blockchain is not modifiable, which brings safety, security, quality, and commitment to everybody (Ichinokura, valued customers and logistics).

QMS-TRACE allowed to link each Lot data to an accounting software, which makes structured XML file, it leads to further efficiency and interoperability.   Respective elements on blockchain were automatically introduced to such accounting software, therefore, seller and buyer both can confirm the delivered products in good condition.

A growing curiosity and appetite for understanding how these technologies can be leveraged across various sectors, to elevate consumer experience with giving deeper sense of trust in tradition brands venturing into the international market. Traceability is not just a tool for energy quality but also a strategy for enhancing the perceived value of goods. Brands that adopt traceability are perceived as more trustworthy and forward-thinking, which in turn can significantly boost their market appeal.

QMS is proud of collaborating with such challengers!