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2024.3.7 thu

E-invoice Revolution!

March 6, 2024 is a new anniversary both for Japan and Finland Peppol Authority. The first commercial Peppol e-invoice was successfully sent from a Japanese company to the Finnish government. Although it is a BIS-3 specification, we created an XML with the cooperation of members of the Japan Peppol Authority, and after several trials, we were able to successfully send the invoice. 

We asked Mr.Kato, Director of the Japan Peppol Authority, to press the "Send" button as a moment for epoch making.

Digital tools are mainly used for business efficiency. In fact, we prepared this invoice and sent it while on a business trip. This was the moment when we realized that cutting-edge technology alone does not create new markets, but that it is important to effectively utilize technology to make it easier for industry to create markets.

According to the Japanese calendar, today is Tomobiki. Tomobiki means to attract friends. We hope to make more Peppol friends and help in the digitalization, where 2 points become a line, and then multiple lines create new area.

Would you like to be a witness of E-Invoice Revolution?