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2024.3.4 mon

#2 Workshop organized by MDEC

On 27th February 2024, JP-MY Peppol Authoritys #2 Workshop took place in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).  The workshop was a great success, confirming the strong cooperative relationship between Japan and Malaysia, aka PINT Brothers.

It was just before release of MY PINT Ver1.0, and all the discussion points were quite practical.  Especially the most interesting point was to understand the newly introduced Tax Reporting system, how it will be and how Peppol can be supporting it.

The most important topic of the workshop was to do a real time demonstration of C2-C3 connectivity, using JP PINT and MY PINT.  The Japan test suit correctly received MY PINT and sent JP PINT to Malaysia test pilot.

For SMEs digitalization, we explain more about the concept of Peppol INSIDE, which is to combine with other applications/business processes, for better efficiency and higher productivity which leads to more profit and value.

The workshop was closed with a speech of SVP Datuk Fadzli.  MY PINT Ver1.0 is just released now, don’t hesitate to join us!!!

We thank all MDEC members for the wonderful workshop.