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2023.10.6 fri

Try to bring 'Happiness' to B2B - Exchange Summit 2023 Dublin

On 3rd and 4th October 2023, Exchange Summit was held in Dublin Ireland.  Japan Peppol Authority made a speech.

We explained that Japan’s scope of Peppole-invoice is to boost SME’s digitalization for B2B transactions, while there were a lot of focus on CTCs from other countries.  We have 3 available JP PINT specifications already in production.  The main leader of the initiatives should be enterprises from now on, not the government as before.

At the networking occasions, we received 2 main questions.  How do we see penetrations of Peppol in Japan and what will be the progress of cross border transactions through Peppol.

We exchanged opinions with various companies, not only service providers (=it was quite interesting!), to start considering some use cases which gives all of us very ‘clear’ advantages of e-Invoice in accordance with real business scenario.