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2023.10.9 mon

Pescando al Futuro - City of Sorrento

On 7th October 2023, we held an event called ‘Pescando Al Futuro’. The scope of this event was to propose vast possibilities through digitalization starting from our traceability application on Blockchain, which leads to security of the food, to protect our planet and to enforce local economy.

The event consisted of 2 parts, 1st part was for real demonstration of the traceability application on a fishing boat, and 2nd was to make presentation to the city of Sorrento.

A local fisherman, Sig.Salvatore, kindly arranged a boat tour, in the very beautiful morning of 7th October, taking us to the gulf of Sorrento.

Input necessary data of navigation and fishing to the application, which was quite close to the real situation.

After each catch, the data (location, time stamp, type of fish, photo etc) is registered to the application.  QR was also issued.

2nd part of the event started with the city mayor Mr.Coppola’s impressive speech, with the presence of the president of the city congress Mr. Di Prisco and the environmental assessor Mrs. Di Leva.

We explained the basic architecture of this application, especially focusing on the importance of GDPR.  This application has a lot of possibilities for other industry, with harmonizing digital and analogue, industry and environment, and international and local.

One of the event’s highlights was, theparticipants experienced QR scan of ‘Today’s catch’, as an individual consumer,to see how easily they could access to the data which gives security andsafety.

Our application has below 3 extensions, in addition to the basic catch registration.

Food safety : to link to EMODnet, water temperature and PH in the area were added.

Environmental protection : thanks to the real time/unmodifiable location data with timestamps, overfishing is avoided.

Efficiency: to link to a PEPPOL e-invoice test tool, the selected catch data is taken automatically to the invoice to be sent to Japan with test PKI.

Please watch the video of the demo 

(catch data-> Peppol invoice creation -> send-> receive -> viewer of the digital invoice)

It is quite important to use ‘easy’ and ‘real time’ application, especially for SMEs, to enforce their activity with competitiveness and sustainability. It was the main comment from the audience.

In the future, we will try to connect various systems (both blockchain and non-blockchain) to realize more interoperability, for such, we would like to name our activity as ‘Sorrento Digital Showcase’ in full corporation with the city of Sorrento, where many industries and companies will be able to use our activity as one of playgrounds.

After the event, one of the famous restaurants in Sorrento, ‘Donna Sofia’ ( kindly offered lunch with various local products.  The owner Mario mentioned that it would be very interesting to use our application soon as a monitor.

We are deeply grateful for those who supported us for this wonderful experience, especially for the city of Sorrento.