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2023.3.10 fri

Workshop organized by MDEC

On 2nd and 3rd March 2023, together with Mr.Kato of Digital Agency, our Mr.Sugawara (as a member of Japan Peppol Authority) attended a workshop in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

This workshop was organized by MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, the agency established under the Ministry of Communications and Digital), as a part of Malaysia national e-invoicing initiative, Mr.Datuk Ts.Fadzli (Senior VP Digital Industry Development) and his colleagues (total 10 members) took part in the session.

On the 2nd March, we explained our Peppol journey (past, present and future), highlighting the specifications, especially the main reason of our PINT usage was to comply with Japanese particular tax law, which Malaysia should do the similar work for their own spec preparation.

On the 3rd March, the topics are mainly for onboarding strategy and the actual Japanese Peppol adoption status, with our eventual goal of the digitalization. We showed MDEC our existing demo tools for better understandings, with having a round table session to exchange opinions, especially how to run local PA.

The workshop concluded with strong interest of the collaboration, between Japan (already started using JP PINT) and Malaysia (is going to start using their own e-invoice based on PINT), also for further regional adoption of e-invoicing. 

We do thank MDEC for giving us such an interesting opportunity.