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2022.11.28 mon

Meeting with the city of Sorrento #2

On 28th November, the chairman of Sorrento Municipal congress Rag. Di Prisco welcome our Mr.Sugawara, together with Mr.Massetti (QMS's marketing associate), to discuss on the pilot project of the fish traceability of Sorrento area.  Mr.Massetti is one of the founders of the project 'wantITA', which is a strong initiative to promote the real 'made in Italy' products to US market, therefore, traceability and interoperability are very important, to guarantee high quality and originality with good transparency.  
We presented our new traceability application mockup to the city of Sorrento, with explaining what can be done with this application.  In addition to connect the traceability data to the sea water quality database, Rag. Di Prisco would like to utilize it for better visibility to the consumers/tourists, as Sorrento is one of the very famous and important Italian tourism destinations.
Local economy should be strengthened also with digitalization approach, to make it happen, Rag. Di Prisco asked local partners to be a part of this pilot project.

The official presentation of the pilot project is planned in March-April 2023.

Please also see an article of the local newspaper 'Positanonews'