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2022.6.21 tue

【Triplo M's S.A.】 Post-Quantum messaging demo at qBATS congress

qBATS international conference was held on 20 and 21 June 2022 in Lugano, southern Switzerland.  Triplo M's S.A., as a member of Business Advisory Committee, tried to draw market attention to the congress and invited to various guests and companies.

Mr.Salzman made a powerful speech at the opening session, highlighting the importance to start taking action 'today' for any countermeasure for hacking risk, especially done by quantum computer.

Triplo M's S.A. arranged a post-quantum cryptography  messaging trial between Switzerland and Japan on 21st June 2022.  The message was sent from the conference roomto Japan Digital agency, encrypted with an innovative approach with post-quantum blockchain, the trial was successfully completed. 


Quantum related technology is improving day by day.  We believe that it is a greatstep forward what we showed in the congress, the encrypted message (quantumhacking antagonist) delivered over the continent.  We try our best to make everybody comfortableto use any digital application, together with our partners and Triplo M’s S.A..